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True E-Design

Convenient, Affordable, and Online 

True Designs brings expertise and experience to create remote projects that incorporate style, look, and solutions while providing the correct tools and support during the entire execution for a successful outcome.


E-designs offers access to a professional Interior Designer’s brain in a way that matches the lifestyle and budget of this new Do-It-Yourself generation. This service is perfect for those looking to stick within their budget and willing to be active participants on their project.


It’s fast, fun, and the result is an affordable, professionally designed space. 

How does it work?
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

First, select which package better fits your needs and sign up for the True Designs' member access to check out and complete your purchase.

Once we are aligned and your payment is received, our team sends out the E-Client Form along with a guide for you on how to measure your space and collect essential information.

Following we have our design meeting to go through space possibilities, design vision, and budget.

After this meeting, the creative process begins, and your space project starts to take shape.

Lastly, we organize all our design ideas, elements selection, tools, and tips into a complete E-Design plan that will work as a guide, and it's time for you to execute our vision.



Lack creativity? Take a pick into a professional brain.

- One Hour Design Consultation

- Concept Mood Board

- Key Design Ideas

- Color Pallet Selection

- Furniture Concept Board

- Harmonic Furniture Distribution Design Guide


Simplified. Let us draw the way to your perfect space.

Package includes:

- One Hour Design Consultation

- Concept Mood Board

-Key design ideas

- Color Pallet Selection

- Room Project Sketch

-Furniture Selection list for purchase

- Design Revision


Trust True Designs with your full E-Design project.

Package includes:

- One Hour Design Consultation

- Concept Mood Board

- Detailed Design Ideas

- Color Pallet and Key Decor Elements Selection

- Room Project Sketch

- Furniture Distribution Floor Plan

- Furniture and Key Decor Selection List for Purchase

- Design Revisions

Not sure what package is best for you?

Fill out our E-Service Inquiry and our team will shortly get back to you on our recommendation of which package would suit your needs.  

Letter from our director.

Dear E-Client, 

I'm so happy you are here, launching True E-Design service was a game-changer to my business, and I'm sure it will be a game-changer to your home. This service was created exclusively for you, young, handy, and passionate about interiors that are looking to make your place look beautiful.  


We know the do-it-yourself projects might get you overwhelmed sometimes, so let's work together and let me help you put together your dream vision. It will be fun, and you will learn a lot from my team and me. 

-Bianca True 

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