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Introducing True E-Designs

We all know that the internet has impacted on every industry over the past years, and with that said, interior design is no exception.

Beautiful spaces are now just a simple click away, and thanks to social media platforms, people are itching to create a home that looks like what they see online. Although, sometimes, they find that taking inspiration and turning it into reality isn’t all that easy with limitations on time, budget, and skills.

True Designs brings expertise and experience to create remote projects that incorporate style, look, and solutions while providing the correct tools and support to deliver a successful outcome!

E-designs offers access to a professional Interior Designer’s brain in a way that matches the lifestyle and budget of the new Do-It-Yourself generation.

This service is perfect for those looking to stick within their budget and willing to be active participants in their project.

It’s fast, fun, and the result is an affordable, professionally designed space.

How does it work? Well, the first thing to know is that this is a simplified remote service.

To start, you select which package works best for you, and once we receive the purchase, you get an email confirmation and our E-Design form with questions on the project and how the space is used.

After completing the form and submitting the requested space files, It's time to have our design consultation call and walk through every detail of your space. At the end of this meeting, we begin the design plans, and within a couple of business days, you have your final project.

It's important to mention that we keep direct communication through the entire process till completion to help our e-clients with any questions or concerns during execution.

Want to know more about our E-design services? Visit TrueE-Design or contact us direct at and let's work together. It will be a fun process.


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