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How to measure and photograph your space :

Before you begin measuring for your eDesign project, the first thing you should know is that we'll need one floorplan for each room that is being designed and that the measurements should be preferred done in inches.

Measuring tips: It may be advisable to have someone nearby to assist with the measuring. Please do not use metric measurements.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Tape measure

  • Grid paper or plain paper

  • Pencil

  • Sharpie


1. On the top of your paper, label with the name of the room. This label should describe the purpose you intend it to be used for (i.e. Dining Room, Playroom, etc).

2. Draw the general shape of the room from a bird’s eye view.

3. Measure the overall room length, width, ceiling height and mark on your paper. 


4. Draw in any doors, windows, or openings

5. Measure the doors, windows, or openings and mark appropriately Note: You are measuring from the outside of trim.


6. Mark in additional wall measurements (i.e. wall to window, walls in between windows, floor to window, ceiling to window, etc).


7. Draw in any details (i.e., fireplaces, columns, appliances, etc.) that are fixed objects and cannot be moved.

8. Measure these items and mark them appropriately. Example: Fireplace – Measure fireplace length, width, height Measure hearth length, width, height Measure mantle length, width, height


9. Note where light switches and outlets are located We’ll review the information provided and will let you know if any information is missing.

Photographing your space: 
  1. Take photos during the day.

  2. Remove clutter.

  3. Start in one corner and work your way around the room.

  4. Take a photo from every angle - each corner and each wall - of the room.

  5. Capture part of the floor and ceiling in each photo.

  6. Take a photo of any furniture you want to keep in the room and submit that with measurements of each piece.

Measuring and photographing GUIDE-2.png

NOTE: We’ll review all the information provided and let you know if any information is missing.

And REMEMBER, you can never provide too much information!

Client Questionnaire 

Which ones of the following spaces are included in your project?
What is your initial estimated buget for the project?
Have you worked with an interior designer before?
Have you hired a contractor for this project?
What colors are you most drawn to, related to interiors?
Do you have a style reference for your decor?
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Thank you. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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