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Coral Gables Contemporary Dining Room Design

Contemporary design is different than modern interior design whereas it doesn’t refer to a specific time period - instead, it is a style that evolves based on the popular styles of present day. For this Contemporary Dining Room Design in Coral Gables, True Designs was influenced by the personality of the homeowner and her wishes for light woods, minimalistic details, clean silhouettes and a splash of art deco to bring together an original contemporary design.

With sophisticated simplicity as the design narrative, True Designs brightened up the space with luxury drapery and neutral fabric dining chairs. The light wood of the dining table and the hutch complimented the oak flooring throughout the home. Pops of gold and brass fill the room through intentionally sourced accent pieces and lighting. Subtle pops of black balance out the light shades of green and ivory to bring dimension and intrigue into the room.

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