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Vibrant & Feminine Outdoor Project

Every home has room to grow, and outdoor spaces are an excellent opportunity to expand creativity and function.

Creating this Vibrant & Feminine outdoor project was a fun challenge.

Playing with colors, textures; our idea was to bring the comfort of indoors to the outdoor with a sense of serenity from a feminine perspective.

Our main inspiration for this creation was a beautiful seasonal flower with vibrant colors called Japanese Chrysanthemum.

Our objective for this space was to deliver a playful and inviting atmosphere, ideal for enjoying a relaxing day with friends while having a fresh drink or a white wine. In our opinion, the three main elements to create an exceptional design are personality, function, and comfort.

Speaking of functionality, the primary material we use to design this space was Teak, a resistant natural wood appropriate for outdoor spaces. Also, the selection of fabrics was crucial; most of the fabric materials selected

are outdoor performance fabrics, easy to clean, and water-resistant.

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